Earthquakes and Milkshakes

As there is to everything,
There is a fitness to grandad
Fleeing a delighted boy.
Miniscule petlets of alyssum
Compliment overweight orchids.
Condos trump the ancient bay.
Drums of stone stacked
One by one on top
Of each other, as in a game,
Exist to be brought down
As Shiva mediates between
Hera and Poseidon.
Thus one is, ironically,
Made whole by fragmentation.
Faith in the species returns
When no one has a clue
As to which cult evolved this flute
Out of someone’s bone.
An antelope
Rendered here in silhouette
Grazes next to Acteon
While he is worried apart
By his frenzied hounds who dream
They seize a stag and pull him down.
Mediterranean surges
Well up in the tympanum
Together with the breeze.
Viaducts will fall
Into the trees.
And me, I could murder an ice-cream.


Selinunte 2020
Selinunte was an ancient Greek city on the south-western coast of Sicily in Italy. Its mighty ruins remain, situated between the valleys of the Cottone and Modione rivers. 

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3 Responses to Earthquakes and Milkshakes

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  2. ken says:

    your watercolour has a nice creamy, dreamy, greenie look. Alemon sorbet scattered over hundreds and thousands.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, indeed, but when we were there in January the ruins were deserted, and we had to traipse into the nearest town for ices!


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