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ART AND SELF – A New Show at the Room in Tottenham: Ian Bourn and Anthony Howell

ART AND SELF An exchange – Ian Bourn and Anthony Howell The Double-Mirrored Self and Self-Included Watercolours WEEKENDS THROUGH NOVEMBER FROM 10 AM – 8 PM Full details: Ian Bourn: “In 2-Mirror Self-Portrait, Version 5 ‘Grimoire’ (2016), I became preoccupied with the ‘hand trying … Continue reading

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Torpedo Fair – an eclogue

An eclogue is a poem written as a dialogue between two voices. Torpedo Fair is a poem of this kind which is now published here in The Fortnightly Review. The first voice is the voice of the battlefield. The second … Continue reading

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‘I’m not here! I’m not here! Only the sky is here, In three blends of herelessness Next to the M1: Blue, grey and in-between. x There is no me,’ says Amazon As the lanes go roaring on. ‘Rivalling the sky … Continue reading

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The blog of Grey Suit Editions UK

Enjoy the blog of Grey Suit Editions UK New reviews of several of our publications, descriptions of our books, extracts and more. Grey Suit Editions began as a video magazine in the 1990s. This featured avant-garde performance art, poetry and … Continue reading

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Governance and Polemic

William Burroughs once described himself as an antenna. The writing was conducted to the page by some apparatus that picked up what the air-waves carried his way. I find this notion relevant to my own practice. When I try to … Continue reading

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Had I been born in Germany in 1945, Had my mum been Marie-Antoinette, Had I been trapped, champing at the bit, Pulling Pharaoh’s chariot further into the flood. Had I been a Neanderthal or a dinosaur, I might have experienced … Continue reading

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South Dakota

Bikes asnort in Sturgis for these riders of the purple sage. Bikes like praying mantises. Vintage Harley Davidsons Cruising here through Rapid City, down from Portland, Maine, x To line-up tight on Main Street. Folks admire the horse-power Rearing each … Continue reading

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Tottenham Marshes, last Sunday

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Tango at the Room – Improvers/advanced class and Practica

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NEW at the Room! REGULAR SUNDAY CLASS AND PRACTICA 10.30 am – 2.30 pm Tango Class and Practica, guided by Anthony Howell, at The Room, 33 Holcombe Road, N17 9AS. Between Bruce Grove and Tottenham Hale…

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Tottenham Marshes: a slideshow

Here is the first draft of a new slideshow – Tottenham Marshes No titles – as it works well when it repeats. x THE RESERVOIR x Was there ever a book that was censored because It was a pack of … Continue reading

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