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The Aeon of Ganymede

As we move into the age of Aquarius – who is Ganymede the water-bearer of the Gods – it is interesting to read this well-researched take on classical astrology It’s a pretty gloomy prognosis: velvet fascism and private paedophilia. And … Continue reading

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Click the link to watch Trippin This is a dance video set in the wonderful communist monuments of what was Yugoslavia. These were often erected to commemorate resistance against the Nazis. The photographer Xiao-Yang took got some amazing images out … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Hapi?

“Lord of the Fish and Birds of the Marshes” and “Lord of the River Bringing Vegetation”, Hapi is the Egyptian God of the Nile. He has one pendulous breast full of nourishment, as well as a pot-belly. He is God … Continue reading

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Rome and Nubia With this link to an excellent documentary about what happened after the deaths of Anthony and Cleopatra, I’m going to open a post I shall return to on Nubia. It was thus I was introduced to Queen … Continue reading

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Silent Highway

A poem about the Thames by Anthony Howell, published Autumn 2014 by Anvil Press Poetry – now available from Carcanet. Featuring Rutger Hauer as a sinister golf-loving cardinal, there’s an interesting film The Bankers of God  which goes deep into the … Continue reading

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