The Aeon of Ganymede

As we move into the age of Aquarius – who is Ganymede the water-bearer of the Gods – it is interesting to read this well-researched take on classical astrology

It’s a pretty gloomy prognosis: velvet fascism and private paedophilia. And it is worth reading parts 1 and 2 of this fascinating essay.




Ganymede is held in iron claws

His girlish flesh a boon to bogus feathers.

Sirius barks from below,

Leaping up at the water-boy.

It’s only for the gods that pitcher spouts ambrosia.

The wavy lines rearrange themselves. Now they form a swastika.

Our state will be policed, our peccadillos virtual

Now that the fish are gone.

Now for an aeon of bile, ushering in the dreams of Henry Darger,

For water can be dark, darker than air, darker than the clouds

That mask volcano fire, darker than the green earth.

A time for treading water,

Out of our depths. A flooded time whose beauty will be dark

And deadly as a stolen Porsche.

Ariadna’s frock clings to her hips, as black as jet.

We are imprisoned in the space we grow into

And the time we grow up in.

Will there be ambrosia? Not yet.

This age must flow through time as a deep black river

Flows from its source to its estuary, opening onto eternity:  

A river of dark matter

With a microchip in the mind, a lord’s will potent in that microchip.

Is this the end of humankind?

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2 Responses to The Aeon of Ganymede

  1. Dilys Bidewell says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Read this and Part 1 and 11. Squares up with what we’ve been experienced this century. The shadow side of the idealistic, rational, server of humanity, represented by Aquarius, is especially manifesting itself in the control freakery and intolerant fanaticism underlying the social justice movement and PC censorship. The use of the internet, social media as a weapon is very Aquarian. Remember thinking in the 70’s – that some of the most aggressive, self centred people I met were hippies – peace and love indeed! Interesting, the story of Ganymede + Zeus, the serial rapist. Correggio, such a sensual painter, leaves us in no doubt what the focus is on, in his image of the boy. What a beautiful image – the colours – the dog and the landscape.

    Thanks for sending xx

    Sent from my iPad



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