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Three New Poems here at the Fortnightly Review. And it was great to see another extract from one of my Songs of Realisation on Tottenham Trees. Click the link: Epping

SONGS OF REALISATION is now published by The High Window Pressfor further details click SONGS

Hubble(the last of the Songs of Realisation) was published by the Journal of Poetics Research here.

The link above is an archived one, and here are several other contributions by me to the Journal of Poetics Research.

A Few Words on Alain-Fournier

Three poems

Three More Poems

An essay – Verse from the Desert Country

Click The New Versailles for this poem published in The Fortnightly Review.

See also Incomprehensible Lesson – from Carcanet, versions of Fawzi Karim.

See also Consciousness (withMutilation),from Odd Volumes. This has poems embedded in its text. The book (a non-fiction novel) was published mid-February 2019.

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1 Response to LINKS TO NEW POEMS

  1. niamh ferguson says:

    Vivid pictures you paint there Anthony. Took me right back to when I lived in Clapton and walked along the canal to the Lowry-tree resevoire. What a gift you have, to empty yourself onto the page, with such bare-faced honesty and eloquence. Trying not to let your loneliness seep into mine… Love to you. Niamh x

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