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TIGER TOPIA – for Julian Assange

x Marry your lover too soon after your husband has passed away And you could die of tiger fright. They have these unfathomable eyes. Their lean stripes, imagine them. How they slide between Poles. Shaman-masked, marked with ancient writing. x … Continue reading

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Conflict with the Eyes Closed

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The dragon, ever at war with the elephant, Is itself of so enormous a size, As easily to overwhelm the elephant, Seize it in its clutches and encircle Its legs in its coils. x The contest is equally Fatal to … Continue reading

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How Different Countries View War

Andrei Martyanov (SmoothieX12 on Youtube) cites the movie Come and See when he explains in the second part of a post called Economics of Military Industrial Complexes in Russia and US how the Russians conceive of war and how the … Continue reading

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