Meandering through La Belle Epoque


Vuillard Interior

Two contributions have come out at the same time (essay and poems).

SO – here is my new essay in the Fortnightly Review   It’s a celebration of a time that is an inspiration to me.

AND – please note – in the same issue here is a link to my versions of thirteen poems by the Comtesse de Noailles

Anna, Comtesse de Noailles by Jean Louis Forain.

And here is a link to the Comtesse de Noailles website

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7 Responses to Meandering through La Belle Epoque

  1. Matthew Paul says:

    I really enjoyed this, Anthony, particularly seeing your translations from the Comtesse again.

    Re the Degas circus painting – was it Miss Lola or Miss La-la? Either way, surely a direct influence on Sickert:

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