Yeah! High Fives all round!

Well, this is great! This journal of mine, or blog, or whatever you want to call it, has just hit 40,000 views!

Thanks to all of you who have clicked on any post of mine. As an outlying writer, a maverick and ancient fellow, I hugely appreciate the response and attention I get here.

Latest publishing projects can be viewed at Grey Suit Editions – which is an Anglo-Canadian initiative I edit and publish along with the brilliant poet and short story writer Kerry-Lee Powell

Thanks to her, and to Dennis Boyles, editor of The Fortnightly Review, of which I am a contributing editor. As with posts here, it’s always worth clicking the links in their articles and their images. Such links are the treasures of online publishing. And I am grateful also to The Fortnightly ‘Odd Volumes’ series for publishing my latest “novel” Consciousness (with Mutilation) this year.

Thanks also to David Cooke at The High Window Press for bringing out my two latest books of poems From Inside and Songs of Realisation.

Thanks also to John Tranter for publishing me so often in the Journal of Poetics Research, Australia.

And thanks to Michael Schmidt at Carcanet for continuing to stock all Anvil Press titles and for publishing my versions Iraq’s finest poet of our time – Fawzi Karim.

May he rest in peace.

Other sites I manage include The Theatre of Mistakes – which I was honoured to be a member of back in the day.

Also Tango for Balance – my trademarked site for teaching tango exercises for those suffering from gait problems such as Parkinson’s Disease – which is now brilliantly carrying on with Fay Laflin’s teaching.

And finally, Tango Schumann – which I performed with Lindi de Angelis, and will continue to perform when the opportunity arises.

My website has more links to artists and writers I admire. And a warm thanks to all the poets and performers who I have had the honour to host at The Room over the last twenty years.

About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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