How I see this journal

A comment on the nature of this journal, made when I first set it up in 2011.



I am advised that the best blogs are focused.   But I want this site to reflect the diversity of my interests – poetry, dance, performance art, essays and music.  Over the years, I have become reconciled to being a Jack of all trades – as I try to express in this poem:


Jack, the strong octopus,

With more arms than a company,

Embraces with his trades

The ideal of metamorphosis.

Nataraja, dancing the Tandara

On the demon of ignorance,

Is the transformer, the storm,

His tentacles muscular,

Their tips accurate,

And delicate – expressive,

With a finger to a pie.

Now I know nought whatsoever,

But to walk through her

As she walks through me

Arouses the drum, the cobra,

The flame and the gesture.

My love is my weight:

Where it goes I go.

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