Consciousness (with Mutilation) – now published.

My non-fiction novel, published by Odd Volumes

Printed in France, so they have a cool French feel to them. And now there is a new review in Sanglap 7.1 (November 2020) – by Swati Joshi – in this well-known Indian journal.

Consciousness (with Mutilation) is a non-fiction novel. Every sentence that begins any paragraph within it also serves as the concluding sentence of another paragraph. The trigger for the text is an epileptic seizure the author experienced in April 2018. This event prompted an investigation of the meaning of continuity in individuals, families and states. Could we have been somebody else yesterday, or become somebody else tomorrow? Consciousness annexes a Syrian novella – Mutilation – within its pages; a novella by Mamdouh Adwan, first published in Damascus in 1971. Reading this book is to be drawn into whirlpools. It is self-analysis, but, since the author’s lineage is both Jewish and Quaker, it evolves into an analysis of Zionism, of which Howell’s grandfather was a proponent, and of the role of the British in the Middle East. Having experienced sudden lapses of consciousness, the author senses that “life is not a river. Life is a collage.” This book takes The Naked Lunch by William Burroughs and Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet for its literary forbears. In the way of ancient tragedy, the dilemma of the individual becomes the dilemma of the state, in this case Israel, and the author carries the reader into a world of smoke and mirrors, sustained by collage mediated through formal constraint.

Global Distribution: Baker & Taylor

ISBN 9-780- 9991365-3-9

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“Anthony Howell is a man of many artistic talents but most importantly of all, for me, is the fact that he has an open mind which he uses to his, and our, great advantage … he is not afraid to ask all the questions that need to be asked and to join all the dots that need to be joined … at this time when we hear so many lies from our mainstream media news purveyors it is more important than ever to listen to what an independent and incisive thinker like Anthony has to tell us … he comes from a background that has given him some amazing insights and I feel privileged that he has shared them with me … now the rest of the world can learn more …”      Elleanne Green

Very pleased to be here on

And I just received this letter about Consciousness (with Mutilation) from Sylvia Mejri (with whom I taught in Brixton jail – where she ran the sound studio, some ten years ago)

“And so I have finally finished Consciousness. I had to read it in stages, because the opening 40 pages made me feel almost tearful and rocked by your mental vulnerability – the speed with which all can unravel and the markers and crossroads of our lives shift, blur and crumble. But I have always assumed that identity reveals itself according to circumstances and cannot be trapped, so the question you posed interested me. And I feel exonerated by the collage and condemned by alternatives. The Steele/Skripal material and your perception of being a target works very well and I loved the spiral format, the echoes and ever tighter circles you used. At times there was a hint of TS Eliot to the prose, particularly in the first half… And that brings me to your horrifying portrait of Rebecca and Zionist Israel, the reason I found the book so hard to go back to and deeply disturbing, since part of me – the part that picked up dead goslings and their mothers this month, cheerfully killed with ball bearings and slingshots by drunks who revelled in their precision- knows this is an alternative paradigm to mine. I remember the six day war, like you, drank coffee and munched gherkins the length and breadth of Syria – no kilims for me, I preferred tea towels with Assad senior’s face – and surveyed the Golan heights and sighed. It is not enough to state that all empires eventually fall, I think, and Zionist Israel will be a memory. As the novella points out so poignantly, oppression has victims and oppressors can be casual in their destructiveness and loathing of obstacles. Idriss is every man. So yes, Anthony, it is superb, brave and important. I shall read it again. Love, Sylvia”

All this kicked off back on Wed 24 April, 2019, when we had a brilliant launch at Housmans Radical Bookshop

Contact the author for more information, requests for interviews, review copies etc.  0208 801 8577

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    Congratulations! How wonderful

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  3. StAug says:

    Mygod this sounds interesting!

    “This event prompted an investigation of the meaning of continuity in individuals, families and states.”

    A concept I’ve long been obsessed with. How many decades ago, for example, did the Original Me vanish almost entirely without a trace…?

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    Loved reading thhis thanks

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