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Do you know how long ago it was that the heart Vanished at last from the face of the earth? Once it emboldened the coins of Cyrene: Double-chambered emblem only Cupid’s dart Could ever penetrate. The last stalk it ventured, … Continue reading

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SATIRE for the Millenium

Very pleased that my essay on satire is now posted on The Fortnightly – Satire for the Millenium

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Outside Belmarsh for Julian

Click The RUPTLY LINK for the video – and here is The Duran  DLR Veering below us, the railings go optical. When did you last see a tree? Way up above, there are clouds hemmed in x Between the plutocratic … Continue reading

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Gulls on the pitch sound faint through the night at five. Lights are wasted on streets forsaken even by foxes. Hooked beaks inspire each other’s desolate, distant mewing Over the somewhat more diminished drone of one lone juggernaut Orbiting the … Continue reading

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Paris Summer Academy 2018

Two performances From Anthony Howell’s performance art workshop in Paris 2018

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5G freak-out! The fox guarding the henhouse?

Here is a survey/report from The Environmental Health Trust   SIGN THE APPEAL AGAINST 5G Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe Dr Martin Pall Dr Devra Davis Dr Andrew Kaufman M D Terrifying documentary by Sasha Stone – 5G Apocalypse We are addicted … Continue reading

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