Outside Belmarsh for Julian

Anthony outside Belmarsh for Assange 2020

Click The RUPTLY LINK for the video – and here is The Duran 

Veering below us, the railings go optical.
When did you last see a tree?
Way up above, there are clouds hemmed in
Between the plutocratic heights
Of Barclays and HSBC,
Breath-defying, and co-opting all
Below their peaks: us, that is, who’re less than ants
Lost among electric mazes, taking platform selfies
Since we doubt that we exist.
Tate and Lyle believe meanwhile
In ‘Keeping the Nation sweet!’
I’m on my way to Belmarsh to protest,
But you can prove you’re living if you eat;
So most of us are heading for the halls.
Me, I like my hot-dog pretty mustardy;
A preference on which I can’t insist.
Speech has been remanded, is in custody
Somewhere behind those walls.


Update 6 May 2019: Read this appalling account of how the public are being treated by the courts now, written by my friend Elleanne Green:

Attending the court for the Julian Assange hearing today left me frustrated and deeply angry … I got there really early to grab a good place in the queue some hours before the scheduled moment … when we got inside there was nothing organised to make sure people who had waited longest could retain their spot … no queuing and NO system … chaos and mayhem ruled and the most important case in the world today had been shunted into Court 3 which had very few seats for observers … so I stood my ground near the door and would not move for hours … if any of the public had been allowed in I would have been the one … but when the moment came they called for Press with a Purple permit … most of the Press had Green permits so it was only the preselected who were allowed in … not one single member of the public was allowed in to support Julian … just elite establishment press representatives … how is that even legal? It certainly is not ethical … as we all chanted afterwards ‘British courts are kangaroo courts!’ … what an outrage … a disgrace … someone said the judge had decreed that no non press were to be admitted … but they let us all wait (and fight and squabble about our places in the queue) for literally hours knowing it would all be for nothing … I no longer have faith in our judicial system … it has clearly been corrupted … I have rarely felt this angry or disappointed before … we live in sinister and cynical times … tell the world the truth of it … this should be known …  


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