5G freak-out! The fox guarding the henhouse?


Terrifying documentary by Sasha Stone – 5G Apocalypse

We are addicted to our own radiation. Here is what Scientific American has to say.

The whistle is given into the hands of the manufacturer. What chance do we have?

Interesting that Brussels has become the first major city to halt 5g due to health effects. And now Japan.

Meanwhile this is how it is seen by the Defense Industry

– no mention of safety or risks to health of course. As the documentary points out: all regulation of 5g has been handed over to its developers. Look up the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – entirely in the hands of employers or CEOs of mobile and telecommunications networks. Thus there is no regulation outside the industry itself. Meanwhile the adverse effects have been overwhelmingly shown by scientists. It is worth watching the documentary all the way through.

Youtube has a video of a House of Commons Debate (very poorly attended). And here is an illuminating Ted Talk.

And if you add this warning about indoor air pollution, the prognosis gets ever more grim. And what about LED street-lighting?

Another warning from Gaia

Another warning from 26,000 scientists 

and from former a Microsoft President in Canada

and even more frightening the 5G Dragnet

On Facebook, join the Group  Stop 5G UK

Send this letter to your MP.


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