Is There a Third Way?

A few months ago, as a joke, I suggested the start of The London Party, but I have been watching the astute Kim Iverson discuss a coalition of right-wing libertarian and socialist factions in US politics. Recently for instance, Ron Paul, in his Liberty Report, interviewed Tulsi Gabbard, and while in supposedly different camps they agreed about salient issues. So I am now taking the issue of a third force in UK politics more seriously.

For aren’t we are facing the same dilemma here in the UK?

Only Blue Labour will ever prevail in a two party race, and the Liberals and the Greens may swing that result by coalition but are not the answer. We need to coalesce Labour and Conservative Brexiteers, fuse traditional with Socialist values, and this means a “horseshoe party”, biting the bullet on some issues, but able to put a pincer movement on Blue Labour and at the same time drastically reduce Tory votes by gaining right-wing support.

Could something like this be a first draft? Now before you read it, I suggest we could try to agree to three salient planks of the twelve issues outlined below as priorities we need to effect – on the left and on the right. Roosevelt’s ‘square deal’ had three planks: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection.

Social Libertarian Party

Coalesce the right with the left where agreement can be reached on several of these issues:

  1. Rein in corporate elites, and drain the swamp of politicians in the pay of corporate elites.
  2. Allow freedom of education – religious, private school, grammar school, state school – but insist that a root curriculum of science, rational debate, art and citizenship is implemented in all schools – perhaps on specific days – and increase government spending on education while drastically reducing the cost of education to students.
  3. Refuse to engage in regime-change wars, which entails recognising that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and ensure that no dual-nationality passport holder can stand for public office.
  4. Rid the media of partiality and lobby sponsorship, and expect the media to educate people into coming to terms with the difference between beliefs and values and histories, not omitting the difference between city and country values: no belief should be imposed on another.
  5. Accept Brexit as the will of the people, and therefore assert control over immigration and refugees, but still aim to retain the United Kingdom, while conceding as much ground as possible to countries within it which may wish to retain a strong relationship with the EU.
  6. Uphold the integrity of gender being biological.
  7. Promote freedom of speech and religious and sexual tolerance, even about issues which you do not endorse, but do not allow spurious gender politics and representationalism to overwhelm education and the job market.
  8. Grant whistle-blowers immunity from prosecution.
  9. Return to the gold standard or some constant value not linked to the petro-dollar and seek for some degree of sustainable self-sufficiency so as not to be over-dependent on international lines of supply.
  10. Introduce a level playing field for taxes, no one pays more or less than 50%.
  11. Implement a ring-fenced Welfare State that is genuinely eco-conscious but truly an adequate safety-net, while returning appropriate power to unions and adopting legislation independent of corporates in terms of health, safety and based on a sustainable ecology.
  12. Value the planet and accept there is an emergency due to extreme weather.

So here we have 12 possible planks. What if there were three salient planks right and left could agree on? If there were, then these are the planks on which we should campaign.

Please feel free to comment, listing the three planks you would choose.



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1 Response to Is There a Third Way?

  1. Dee Martin says:

    Stay out of people’s underwear. How they identify is also biologically determined. You are just too wrapped up in knee-jerk reactions. I can see biting the bullet on certain issues, but not issues of individual freedom. Anything else is just biased towards one group or another. If you want to concede to the Brexiters you need to make some concessions also. This sounds like a one-way give-all to Brexiters.


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