Semper Occultus

Sergei Skripal turns out to have been

Christopher Steele’s associate.

During the presidential elections,

They had worked together on a dossier

Laced with detrimental footage


Russian operatives allegedly

Had to dish on Donald Trump.

Steele was MI6. An adept officer,

Under diplomatic cover, he was operant

In Russia and in Paris, and at the FO.


After he quit the service, though

A pillar of that secretive establishment,

He supplied the FBI with evidence

Of bribery at FIFA: sterling work

On international soccer that lent credence


To his material on Trump’s entanglements.

Colourful these. Trump hiring prostitutes

To piss on a bed that Barack

And Michelle were said to have slept in

In the Moscow Ritz Carlton.



This poem is now included in my non-fiction novel Consciousness (with Mutilation)

Now published by Odd Volumes, at the Fortnightly Review, Les Brouzils, France

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Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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