It starts in tantrum’s pram; those tears for treats withheld –

Unfair and inexplicable. And then there is the wonder of it all:

The pocket money tripled by that cheque from uncle –


Lack of it feeds the will to cheat one’s way to habitual

Special treatment. The compulsion is hereditary.

How support the life-style that goes with it without it?


As with gear, having it takes over from all

Other aspirations, indeed the noblest, most personal,

Get jettisoned in favour of accumulating a stash.


What to acquire at the apposite time soon seems second nature,

But the dominant characteristic is that dependency on

Squirreling it away into off-shore purses, paranoid


About some rainy day that precedes a deluge. The ark

Must be loaded with cash.  More is what’s needed, and never enough.

The rich don’t buy their shoes in bargain shops.




About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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