London Grip have just done this great Review of Hugo Williams – Dialysis Days – just published by Grey Suit Editions. Also they reviewed our chap-book by Donald Gardner a while back.



Grey Suit Issues 1-12 are now online! Thanks to BFI, Elephant Trust, Ikon Gallery and ACE.  We did it!

Here is the link to the videos at  Grey Suit Editions

Grey Suit Online

Grey Suit was a magazine on VHS videotape published under the auspices of the University of Wales Institute Cardiff and supported by Arts Council England.  It ran from 1993-1995.  During that time 12 issues came out (one a double issue) – all in all, 13 hours of material were published.

Poets: F.T. Prince, Hugo Williams, John Ashbery, Anne-Marie Albiach, Huang Xiuqi, Caroline Bergvall, Les Murray, Cris Cheek, Peter Didsbury, Liz Lochhead, Ifor Thomas and Kerry-Lee Powell. Performance artists: Stuart Sherman, Teemu Maki, Paul Granjon, Mike Stubbs, Mehmet Sander, Anne Seagrave, Stelarc, Station House Opera and Bobby Baker. Film-makers and musicians: Tony Hill, Kai Zimmer, Frigo, Harald Busch, Cathy Vogan, Catherine Elwes, Derek Bailey, Jayne Parker, Wineke…

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