Tango for Balance

Tango is easy! Believe it or not, anyone suffering from Parkinson’s, M.S. or any other gait disability can get a lot out of these simple exercises which are always done with the your partner’s arms supporting you. Lovely music too!

Two teachers apart from myself, Lorna Stewart and Fay Laflin, are now qualified to teach Tango for Balance – a deeply thought-out exercise system I devised and trade-marked a few years ago. Only teachers with an EXTEND qualification for teaching movement to music for the elderly are qualified to teach it, plus they must have at least three years tango experience and have done a course in teaching my system with me.

Click for up-to-date news about Tango for Balance.  These posts relate to Fay Laflin’s wonderful group classes and you can message her for more details. These days, I am prepared to teach individual lessons but I am not running a group class, unless invited by a group.  You can ring 0208 801 8577 if you are in central London to arrange a lesson.

Here is our website.

We are working on a new brochure and will publish it here when completed. Meanwhile, here is a link to an earlier one. Read our brochure – contact details at the end.



Click here for our brochure:

brochure NEW

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