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Poetry International 1973

  The youngest poet and the oldest in Poetry International 1973

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They are here like us at Queribus And at Peyrepertuse, fiddling with their Camera batteries, dragging their red setters Up congested spirals onto views. When they meet each other unexpectedly Hyperbolic protests of astonishment Lose their…

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Grotesque: Ancient and Modern

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“In the famous Kerch terracotta collection we find figurines of senile pregnant hags. Moreover, the old hags are laughing. This is a typical and very strongly expressed grotesque.  It is ambivalent.  It is pregnant death, a…

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The Blog

Interaction’s what a blog’s about! Who posts exclusively For output? Nowadays, You go for input too, since it tells you How many views you’ve had. Marshal McLuhan got it right About the tv era, way back when We were all … Continue reading

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Now up on The Poetry Archive! And an Error Rectified!

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The recordings I made of some of my poems, including “Innisfree”, are now online at the  National Poetry Archive. The Archive has more material recorded, including the whole of  “Silent Highway”.  These recordings are now available for a…

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