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You are unwilling to be vaccinated against COVID-19. She is a male who has just won a woman’s swimming-competition. Is Hunter’s laptop his confession? The trees have started losing their confetti.

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Two Families of Rats

Sonnet VII, from Immoral Sonnets, published in Sonnets, 1999, Grey Suit Editions x Two families of rats were placed inside Some rooms which set a limit to their space. Adequately housed, they multiplied; Indeed, their population grew apace. Next, overcrowding caused them to decide … Continue reading

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The Ancients

THE ANCIENTS My career began with an entrechat huit. Now I’m proud if I can touch my feet, Meanwhile schoolfriend Jim Who was once a neuro-physicist Is gracile in each limb, a contortionist Who can do a U-turn through a … Continue reading

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Beverley at Iguazu

Click on image for my poem. More readings and performances here But scroll down to foot of the linked page to pause audio tracks before choosing what to play.

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Hardly one open shop remains Inside this draughty vending hall: It never gets to share the circulation Of carrier-bagged pedestrians with cash to spare. Business is so bad that the discount clothing store Closes for lunch from eleven till quarter … Continue reading

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How I see this journal

I am advised that the best blogs are focused.   But I want this site to reflect the diversity of my interests – poetry, dance, performance art, essays and music.  Over the years, I have become reconciled to being a … Continue reading

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