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Here is a Link to my book The Analysis of Performance Art and here is a link to a performance archive of the 1970s that I am featured on. There is also a site for The Theatre of Mistakes. Glimpses … Continue reading

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Of Work Spun from the Entrails

Mark Ford, Raymond Roussel and the Republic of Dreams, Faber, £25. The russet-stemmed variables in my dictionary of French art and literature provoke ironic reflections.  Rousseau, Henri – le douanier – emblem of naivety; Rousseau, Jean Jacques – pioneer of … Continue reading

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There was an old man who said, ‘Hush! I perceive a young bird in this bush! When they said – ‘Is it small?’ He replied – ‘Not at all! It is four times as big as the bush!’   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Edward … Continue reading

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Fetishism and the Uncanny

  Remember how the media presented Roentgen’s discovery of X-rays towards the end of the last century: the idea was that X-rays allow us to see a person who is still alive as if he were already dead, reduced to … Continue reading

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