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Do you know how long ago it was that the heart Vanished at last from the face of the earth? Once it emboldened the coins of Cyrene: Double-chambered emblem only Cupid’s dart Could ever penetrate. The last stalk it ventured, … Continue reading

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SATIRE for the Millenium

Very pleased that my essay on satire is now posted on The Fortnightly – Satire for the Millenium

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Outside Belmarsh for Julian

Click The RUPTLY LINK for the video – and here is The Duran  DLR Veering below us, the railings go optical. When did you last see a tree? Way up above, there are clouds hemmed in x Between the plutocratic … Continue reading

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Gulls on the pitch sound faint through the night at five. Lights are wasted on streets forsaken even by foxes. Hooked beaks inspire each other’s desolate, distant mewing Over the somewhat more diminished drone of one lone juggernaut Orbiting the … Continue reading

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Anthony Howell – Readings and Performances

Readings and Performances Click the above link for a connection to this selection of performances in various genres. I have just added a vimeo link to OBJECTS to this page, a performance I created in the 1990s. Here you can also … Continue reading

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Writing as the plough turns.

Very interesting article about Boustrophedon writing which I came across  – by David L O’Hara. It proved rewarding to research I am doing into the relationship between dance steps and the metrical foot in poetic scansion, with regard to the … Continue reading

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Variations on Pygmalion

Jean-Léon Gérôme   THE METAMORPHOSIS OF PIGMALION’S IMAGE 1. Pigmalion, whose high love-hating mind Disdain’d to yield servile affection, Or amorous suit to any woman-kind, Knowing their wants, and men’s perfection. Yet Love at length forc’d him to know his … Continue reading

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