A Monkey Reflects upon Eternity

from the Ramakien Mural, Bangkok


We come back as us. Call it representation.

For so as to comply with time being space

And space time, from one life to the next,

There can be no development. We just exist again,

Each our own link in an undying chain.

Nothing can be altered, no mistake made

Undone. The bees return as bees


And begin as they begun. What we are on earth

We remain. If I am a rock in the jungle,

That is what I am. If I am indubitably me,

Then I always was, always will be.

No use relying on enlightenment

To get me out of this infernal loop.

Every instant I’ve been one of the troop


Exists and did exist and shall

So as to maintain the fabric of it all.

From a seed that fell into a crevice

Grows a tree, the seed however

Is once more the seed so that the tree

Growing so crookedly out of its crevice

May become that tree forever.


About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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