I Love Russia!

Manege, St Petersburg

I love Russia. Wonderful people, wonderful dancers, wonderful minds. I am sickened by Western hate-propaganda instigated by the mass media and by our corrupt leaders. I recall with huge fondness my one performance in Russia:

Homage to the Horses of Saint Petersburg

Everyone was so helpful, even the police. When I initially suggested that I wanted to bring horses into the Imperial Riding School for the first time since the Revolution, the police, who administered the building said No. When I said we would take the shoes off the horses so as not to damage the marble floor, they said Yes.

When I informed the police that later we would be naked while leading the horses around the columns of the facade, they said No. Public nudity had been disallowed by a law that came in after Glasnost! When I said, well, technically under the facade, according to classical law, we were within the precincts of the building, they said Yes!

Reason thus prevailed. Imagine if that had been the UK police or the US police.

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