Robert Janz

Robert Janz is dead. He was my friend, my mentor and one of the most original artists I have met. He understood the immortality of the ephemeral. 

He created kinetic sculpture by simply moving the units around – sticks, rugs – things just arranged and rearranged. He was his aesthetic. He taught at Hornsey College of Art, in the 70s, and got me in to introduce performance art to the students. He drew the life of flowers, erasing the day before and replacing it with today. He returned to America, and for years he created art in the streets of New York – collaging old posters, contributing his deft touch to fleeting graffiti. There is work to be seen at Janzwork

See also Post no Bills/Poems

And a commemorative article now in The Voice

Another in the Tribeca Citizen  

Ultimately poetic are his wonderful paintings on rock.

All time exists all the time. Robert Janz was, is and will be always alive.

Water Dancer

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2 Responses to Robert Janz

  1. Dilys Bidewell says:

    Sad to hear this, Anthony – I remember visiting his studio in New York – occasionally you meet someone with an ‘old soul’ – Janz was one of those, I think.

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  2. Liliane Lijn says:

    Dear Anthony Sad news I met Janz in ’68. We showed together with Dante and Michael Mckinnon at the Axiom Gallery. He was very special. A road poet trying to live in the moment. A zen artist.

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