South Dakota

Bikes asnort in Sturgis for these riders of the purple sage.

Bikes like praying mantises. Vintage Harley Davidsons

Cruising here through Rapid City, down from Portland, Maine,


To line-up tight on Main Street. Folks admire the horse-power

Rearing each machine, forked weaponry foot-plate,

Legendary name – Goldwing, Brough Superior –


Parked where once stood mustangs resting hooves,

Palominos hitched to rails idly whisking tails,

And bow-legged hands in chaps swinging through


The lattice doors to check their holsters at the bar.

Sure the saloon’s still here, but now it’s biker leather.

Helmets for the Black Hills’ wide-brimmed hats,


While buxom girls in bikinis share the honours

For devotion to a proper shine, grooming up a lather,

Keen to hose the sleek beast down, applying Amsoil to your nuts.

x x x

Sturgis Bike Rally 2021

About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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