The Tower – Drawings and Film – 1984

I have just discovered this post from the Art Gallery of New South Wales – showing items from the box of drawings for The Tower – created for the performance in that gallery in 1984.

The gallery bought these fine drawings by Dilys Bidewell, which also has photos of the tables used, together with the film of the performance directed by James Bogle. This film can be found on Grey Suit Video Issue 4 1993  at 37:25. 

We kept each issue of this video magazine intact as each is a historical document. The full catalogue with links to each issue can be found here – Grey Suit Video Catalogue.

The contents pages preceding each video always give the time location for each contribution.

Grey Suit originated as a video magazine which ran to twelve issues – recording thirteen hours of material – performance art, poetry readings, installations, experimental film and music. The material was digitised from the masters by the BFI several years later.

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    Dear Anthony Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful work !, It was the first creative products!! I had never seen before, Your designed on your own and built it with few people within very short period of time, amazed and unbelievable job, I am pleased for your unique production. Best regards, Bhorani

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