Three Dance Innovators: Hagit Bar, Rosella Pellicciotti, Milica Vukovic

Hagit Bar-Fleming
Hagit Bar

Hagit Bar, an Israeli dancer, created a dance work – A Space to Imagine – for The Room, my space in Tottenham in 2006 – as part of a short festival of Poetry, Art and Performance: Art across the Middle East. A choreographer who has performed at The Place in Resolution, at the Laban Centre, in Barcelona, Portugal and Israel, she has conducted numerous seminars in dance.  She has been interested in the notion of occupation as it might be applied to a dancer’s actions, though of course the term can equally be applied to a territory.  Her work takes on strenuous repetitions that become arrested.  For this piece she creates a series of movement “snapshots” –  brief, concise episodes of physical expression.  Sometimes there is a sense of entrapment about her movements. Further work can be found on Youtube.

Rosella Pellicciotti – photo B F Mamaj

Rosella Pellicciotti is a member of the Albanian Dance Theatre Company. Here is an improvisation. The improvisation is accompanied by this quotation – “There are neither major nor minor tragedies. Tragedies exist. Some can be described. There are others for which every heart is too small. Those kinds cannot fit in the heart.” – Sarajevo Blues. This dance work is distinctive for its adept use of rhythm – which is all too often neglected in contemporary dance practice. Pellicciotti works with both dance and performance art and created interesting performances with others at the Paris Summer Academy 2018. Further work can be found on Youtube.

Milica Vukovic Smart

Milica Vukovic has extended her dance practice into a performative arena sometimes interacting with other art – as with the sketches she created for an exhibition by Mark Williams at the Room. More recently her dance work has become engaged in gardening. As a volunteer gardening assistant at Chiswick House in 2019 she created a Disfocus – a short film where her actions are now integrated into those associated with the cultivation and maintenance of a garden – in this case, a very large one. Further work can be found on Vimeo.

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