Susan Hiller, Amikam Toren and others at Purdies Farm 1974

Signe and Storm in Dream Mapping Purdies Farm (2)

The 1974 Arts Festival at Purdies Farm

The picture is of my first wife Signe sleeping in a field with Storm, my daughter, in 1974. I have never seen this photo before. Storm died of cot death that winter. Someone posted the picture on Facebook today. Not that they realised. People slept in the field at Purdies farm when participating in Susan Hiller’s Dream Mapping. This was in the art festival at Purdies – where the Theatre of Mistakes was based. Here you can find the blog of The Theatre of Mistakes.

The farm belonged to my mother. My fiction – inspired by Storm – is THE DISTANCE MEASURED IN DAYS – now published (1921) by Grey Suit Editions UK.

There is also The Distance Measured in Days – which is actually an early version – done as an e-book: it is on my blog under fiction.

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