Very pleased that The Step is the Foot is selling so well on Ebay.

Our Seller is Tangoshiva. And see also Shiva and my Songs of Realisation

Our ebay outlet name is Tangoshiva. Click on this ebay link to purchase Grey Suit Edition books, books of my poetry published by the High Window Press, and Grey Suit: Theatre of Mistakes editions. Grey Suit Editions UK also has links to this outlet. Book sellers wishing to make trade order should contact Phoenix Publishing House

And my website has a page with Links to books by Anthony Howell

Grey Suit chap-books (and all my other books) may also be purchased directly from me (howell.anthony1@googlemail.com). They cost £10 with free postage and the easiest is just to put a tenner or a cheque (made out to Anthony Howell) in the post to Anthony Howell, Grey Suit Editions, 33 Holcombe Road, N17 9AS and remember to include your address.  They are also available at Greysuiteditions.org – where our videos of performance art, film and poetry from the nineties can be found.

The entire run of Grey Suit videos of performance art, material film and poetry can also be found at Vimeo for Anthony Howell. Just scroll down until you find them.

About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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