Concert in Lignano 2017

Lignano per…La Musica

XXII Rassegna Internazionale
di Musica da Camera
Lignano Sabbiadoro, Sala darsena
VIII Concerto
Alessandro Cortello, tenore
Riccardo Pes, violoncello
Michele Bravin, pianoforte
Anthony Howell, voce recitante
Musiche di Field, Schumann, German, Vaughan Williams,
Nyman, Pradal
Lunedì 22 luglio 2019 – ore 21.00
Sala DARSENA – Viale Italia
33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro – Via Rossini 10/A

Poems and translation



Link to video will follow here.

“Very happy to have participated in this concert in Lignano on 22nd July, 2019. The concert hall was situated on the via Rossini – at the edge of a marina, and as I walked up the quay to view the sunset, just before the concert began, I felt I was in a film by Fellini. Notable were Edward German’s settings of Rudyard Kipling – and, as an encore, Alessandro sang me a tango – El dia que me quieras.”

John Field (1782-1837)
Notturno per pianoforte in si bemolle maggiore
Notturno per pianoforte in do maggiore

Michael Nyman (1944)
2 Poems by Anthony Howell, per tenore e pianoforte

Battista Pradal (1964)
3 Poems by Anthony Howell, per tenore e violoncello
The Forbidden Rose
Rising from the Pines
From a Wilderness

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
5 Stücke im Volkston op. 102, per violoncello e pianoforte
Mit Humor – “Vanitas Vanitatum”
Nicht schnell, mit viel Ton zu spielen
Nicht zu Rasch
Stark und markirt

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
da Songs of Travel:
The Vagabond
Let Beauty Awake
Youth and Love
Wither Must I Wander

Edward German (1862-1936)
da Just So Song Book (trascr. per voce, violoncello e piano di R. Pes):
The Camel’s Hump
I Keep Six Honest Serving Men
Rolling Down to Rio

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