Active Circles in Australia – a rain dance 1982

A piece by the Theatre of Mistakes performed in Australia.

“In the long, hot summer of 1977 we did perform it on Hartley Wintney
village-green, which has a sizeable cricket-pitch, as a dance to bring down the rain – or so we told the press! It had to be abandoned after 9 hours though,
because performers were beginning to circumnavigate the village during their circling – thus losing sight of each other. However, as we packed it in, the first drops of rain fell – as the Southern Evening Echo duly noted – though the R.A.F Met. office claimed, post hoc, that they knew all along the weather was about to change. That was the last performance until now.”

After having performed at the Biennale of Sydney in April, 1982, ANTHONY HOWELL, of the British performance company The Theatre of Mistakes, was invited to Perth, Western Australia, by the art organisation Praxis. From Perth, an expedition was set up to go out to the dry lakes of the goldfields to research the largest available performance spaces in the region. Another group, Media Space, collaborated with Praxis in creating a team of six performers in addition to Howell: Patsy Bradbury, Martin Davis, Lyn Halliday, Pamela C.Kleeman, Lindsay Parkhill and Allan Vizents. Howell decided to keep a log of the expedition.

This can be found on P 30 of issue 33 – the Feb/March issue of Performance

and the log continues on P 38 of issue 34 – the April/May issue of Performance

The homepage of the complete issues of the uploaded magazine (seminal to its time and  brilliantly edited by Rob La Frenais and Gray Watson) can be found here


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