CLASP Late modernist poetry in the 1970s

Clasp cover.

Tony Lopez posted this on Facebook, just as my own copy came through the post.

Just received a copy of *Clasp: late modernist poetry in London in the 1970s*, edited by Ken Edwards and Robert Hampson and published by Tony Frazer at Shearsman Books. It is a collection of brief memoirs by Gilbert Adair, Peter Barry, Clive Bush, Paula Claire, Ken Edwards, P.C. Fencott, Paul Green, Robert Hampson, Anthony Howell, Tony Lopez, David Miller, John Muckle, Frances Presley, Elaine Rose, Randell, William Rowe, Gavin Selerie, Robert Sheppard, Iain Sinclair, Valerie Soar, Lawrence Upton, Robert Vas Dias, Stephen Watts, John Welch..

Thanks to Robert and Ken for putting this project together — and to Tony Frazer, as ever, for making it real.

It’s Paula on the cover.

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