with Anthony and Fay on Friday Nights

at The Room 33 Holcombe Road, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS

Tango Fun and Exercise 8 – 9 pm –All levels –  This is a class which focuses on giving students a sequence of exercises for musicality, footwork, the body spiral and the technique of moving neatly with your partner.  Many of the exercises are really enjoyable to work on together.  It’s a valuable class for beginners and more advanced dancers who would like to brush up on their skills. Beginners, come and start having fun exploring this rewarding dance!   Experienced dancers, come and improve your axis.  £30 for six lessons, paid in advance on first lesson.  £7 drop in.

Fierce Tango  – 9 – 10.00pm – FREE practica till midnight –Level –advanced/intermediate.

Here experienced tango dancers may hone and extend their skills, paying close attention to detail as well as taking on new challenges. The standard for Fierce Tango will be pitched to the more advanced in the class but the mechanics of the action will be clearly explained.  Participants will be encouraged to give reciprocal help and support to each other so that all can improve their style and technique in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Guest teachers will be invited sometimes and there will be opportunities for sharing. Issues raised by workshop members will be considered as tuition targets.

£30 for six lessons, paid in advance on first lesson. £7 drop in  (you only pay for the lessons you attend).

£40 for both classes six session deal (12 classes).  £10 drop in if you do both classes on any one night.

Please ring Anthony 0208 801 8577 before your first visit, as sometimes the class is cancelled when another event intervenes.

Tango at the Room

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  1. Amanda L~Jones says:

    I wish I lived nearer. I went to Sain and her husband’s class in Cardiff few years back so learnt the basics. My mother was born in Rio Galleagos and spent the first years of her life on Tierra del Fuego, so Argentinian Tango must be in my heart! See you soon ish. I will def. Come to your class when in London. X


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