The Lugubrious Gondola by Franz Liszt performed by Tango Schumann

The Lugubrious Gondola

Tango Schumann performance from 2010Lugubrious Gondola at Modern Art Oxford 2010

As for La Lugubre Gondola:

‘It is one of several works Liszt wrote relating to the death of Wagner, who was his son-in-law, but only two years his junior. Liszt wrote that near the end of 1882, while staying with Wagner in Venice, he had a premonition that Wagner would die there and that his body would thus be born on a funeral gondola through the streets. Wagner, in fact, did die in Venice the following February (and have just such a funeral).’
Classical Music Archives

Lindi and I decided that I should never make eye contact with her, as if I had passed on to another realm!

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