Three Poems (now with recordings) at the Fortnightly

These three poems

published by The Fortnightly Review are now accompanied by very good sound recordings.

Further recordings can be found here where a link can be found to my poems on the National Poetry Archive.

A favourite recording of mine is Beverley at Iguazu from Dancers in Daylight. It can be found on my youtube channel videos.

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A Reading of Poets short-listed for the Sarah Maguire Prize

Click this link for the STANZA translation event, which is a reading open to view online on Monday eighth of March. I shall be reading at this event.



My versions of Incomprehensible Lesson by Fawzi Karim (published by Carcanet) are among the shortlisted books for this prize.

Also, The Poetry Translation Centre invites you to attend the announcement of the winner of the Sarah Maguire Prize for Poetry in Translation.
Join the shortlisted poets, translators and publishers live on Zoom for conversation, readings and find out the inaugural prize winner.
Thursday 25 March, from 5pm GMT
Winner announcement at 6pm
Zoom details:

Click here for further links to books by Fawzi Karim and essays about him 

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A Dance from the Tang Dynasty

I have just discovered the poetry of Tang Dynasty Dance

Suggests clouds to me.

Here is another extraordinary dance – if perhaps not so authentic.

The Tang dynasty: 唐朝, or Tang Empire, was an imperial dynasty of China that ruled from 618 to 907, with an interregnum between 690 and 705. It was preceded by the Sui dynasty and followed by the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Historians generally regard the Tang as a high point in Chinese civilization, and a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. Tang territory, acquired through the military campaigns of its early rulers, rivalled that of the Han dynasty.


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Clouds and Cranes

Clouds and Cranes

Click the link above for this slideshow. 

Background Art? It can be watched in silence, or, if you prefer, choose your own music for it to accompany.

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New England and the Maritimes

horse in stable

Very happy with these poems now published in The High Window

Can’t resist adding a link to Woody Allen.

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A response to a tweet

I know I’m a fan of one word poem titles & it’s not for everyone, but there really are…a lot…of poems with titles like “Six Years After My Husband Left Me, My Daughter Comes Home From School & Asks Me About Walruses”.

So tweeted Clarissa Aykroyd – who gave me permission to use her exemplary title.



I am not doing the dishes. I don’t believe in it.

That’s why I have a housekeeper. I have my practice

To keep abreast of. My daughter is very independently-minded.

At eight, she is already proud of her eccentricity.

Why is she asking? And how exactly did she put it?

I was only half listening as I was watching some programme

About a pogrom – which somehow seemed more urgent –  

A pogrom against owners of bitcoin. She repeats it:

Mum, what do you think about walruses?

Now is that Walruses with a capital W? A brand maybe.

Mums have to be so cool these days. Some species

Of footwear? Perhaps she wants to keep one as a pet.

That would in all likelihood prove expensive,

You’d have to build a pool for it. And though I provide

For us comfortably enough with my practice,

Since Ken buggared off, put it this way, I’m mindful.

That’s why in the evenings I like to relax by listening to

Financial views and familiarising myself with

Such phrases as the Gulag Casino. I wouldn’t want to have

Anything to do with them, I respond grumpily.

Why can’t she ever ask me about something more

Educational, more stature building, more

Up my street, like Thomas Jefferson? At her age

I knew all about him. I could seriously expand

If she came and said, Mum what do you think about

Thomas Jefferson? And I could round it off by saying

I believe that banking institutions are more

Dangerous to our liberties than standing armies!

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On ‘Freeing Up’.

Click On Freeing Up

for my essay in THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW on four amazing poets – Julian Stannard, Fleur Adcock, Kazuko Shiraishi and Robert Creeley.

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These links are effective only if you click below for the original post (which has been updated).



Three New Poems here at the Fortnightly Review. And it was great to see another extract from one of my Songs of Realisation on Tottenham Trees. Click the link: Epping

SONGS OF REALISATION is now published by The High Window Pressfor further details click SONGS

Hubble(the last of the Songs of Realisation) was published by the Journal of Poetics Research here.

The link above is an archived one, and here are several other contributions by me to the Journal of Poetics Research.

A Few Words on Alain-Fournier

Three poems

Three More Poems

An essay – Verse from the Desert Country

Click The New Versailles for this poem published in The Fortnightly Review.

See also Incomprehensible Lesson – from Carcanet, versions of Fawzi Karim.

See also Consciousness (withMutilation),from Odd Volumes. This has poems embedded in its text. The book (a non-fiction novel) was published mid-February 2019.

View original post 205 more words

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The Aeon of Ganymede

As we move into the age of Aquarius – who is Ganymede the water-bearer of the Gods – it is interesting to read this well-researched take on classical astrology

It’s a pretty gloomy prognosis: velvet fascism and private paedophilia. And it is worth reading parts 1 and 2 of this fascinating essay.




Ganymede is held in iron claws

His girlish flesh a boon to bogus feathers.

Sirius barks from below,

Leaping up at the water-boy.

It’s only for the gods that pitcher spouts ambrosia.

The wavy lines rearrange themselves. Now they form a swastika.

Our state will be policed, our peccadillos virtual

Now that the fish are gone.

Now for an aeon of bile, ushering in the dreams of Henry Darger,

For water can be dark, darker than air, darker than the clouds

That mask volcano fire, darker than the green earth.

A time for treading water,

Out of our depths. A flooded time whose beauty will be dark

And deadly as a stolen Porsche.

Ariadna’s frock clings to her hips, as black as jet.

We are imprisoned in the space we grow into

And the time we grow up in.

Will there be ambrosia? Not yet.

This age must flow through time as a deep black river

Flows from its source to its estuary, opening onto eternity:  

A river of dark matter

With a microchip in the mind, a lord’s mind potent in that microchip.

Is this the end of humankind?

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Matching Democrats

Hillary matching James Nares.

Hunter Biden and his art.


There’s a new artist in Town. The name is Biden.

Adam Popescu, New York Times, February 28, 2020

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